With our I-Drops package we deliver to you new and fresh every month, 3 new edits played over hits from 'Billboard' & 'R&R's top 20 complete with your sung intro slogans, call letters and/or your morning drive personalities info...while still fitting nicely into your budget.

We follow a detailed Production Guideline filled out by the station's PD which we follow closely during production. Turn-around time is usually 2 weeks. So what about it? Let us dazzle the world for your station too.

Monthly price varies by market size



As an advertiser an 'Audio Logo' is the best bang for your buck. What you get is your own 5-10 second musical icon with your company name and slogan sung in it's own very identifiable way.




If an 'Audio Logo' isn't quite enough for your advertising needs, we offer our complete Jingle package including 9 edits so you'll have the edit you need no matter what. We still take the same approach as an 'Audio Logo' in that we concentrate on making your company name and slogan the 'hook' or 'catchy' part. The middle section includes more lyrics to explain your company further.



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