Sounds Of Success
Audio signatures are the latest trend in tag lines.
Entrepreneur Magazine
By Gwen Moran

When Intel wants to communicate its image, it plays a distinctive, four-tone audio signature (D flat, G flat, D flat, A flat) at the end of each broadcast. It's a trend that seems to be catching on: An increasing number of entrepreneurs today are turning to audio logos when marketing their businesses.

Audio logos can cost anywhere from $1,000 to more than $100,000—the more widespread the usage—the more the signature will cost. But, the price is worth it: Every time customers are within earshot of your audio logo, they'll think of you.





1. FOR BUSINESSES... we create 5-10 second music 'stingers' that we call 'AUDIO LOGOZ'. It's your own musical icon. It's kind've like the logo on your store front or your business card, only it's an 'Audio Logo'. Sing this..'Like a good neighbor, 'State Farm' is there'...that's an 'Audio Logo'. And so is this, 'You deserve a break today at McDonalds'. Get it? Musical icons...but we call 'em 'Audio Logoz'.

Advertisers looking for something 'catchy' to grab the attention and RE-tention of listers know how powerful a tool like this can be. It brands your business. And for less than half the price of a regular jingle, you can't afford not to have one of your own. Countless businesses have the world humming along with theirs. WHO'S HUMMING YOURS?

Click here for 'AUDIO LOGOZ' examples


2. ALSO FOR BUSINESSES .... In case an 'Audio Logo' isn't enough, we record fully produced packages of traditional JINGLES that come with 9 different edits meant to cover your every need. If you need a 30 second 'sing-in' so you can drop in an announcer's voice telling about a sale you're having this weekend, we've got you covered. Whether you want a 'sing-in', 'sing-out' or a 'donut' in a 30 second or a 60 second edit, we give you every possible option to meet your advertising needs.

Click here for 'JINGLE' examples


3. FOR RADIO,....We produce an unusual and unique 'station ID' package called 'I-DROPS' by singing the station's slogans and call letters over the intros of the hottest hits of the day. It's nothing like traditional ID packages. You just have to hear it. It's FRESH...It's NEW...and it's DIFFERENT!

Click here for 'I-DROPS examples




'Audio Logoz' is owned and operated by Mike McGuire, from the Grammy award winning band 'SHENANDOAH'


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